infographic explaining difference between annulment and divorce

Annulment Vs Divorce – What’s The Difference?

Marriage annulment and divorce are completely different scenarios. Having the correct understanding of the legal terms is not only very important in but also may help navigating through the challenging circumstances.  Here are the terms explained. For more information check out our blog What’s the Difference Between Divorce and Marriage Annulment? or call us on  (03) 9762 […]

separated parents consent order checklist

Parenting Plans and Consent Orders | A Guide for Separated Parents

Parenting Plans and Consent Orders are agreements that set out parenting arrangements for separated or divorced couples with children. Both of these types of agreements are encouraged by the court and can be legally formalised – however, there are some differences between the two. Take a look at the unique features of each to determine […]

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Property Settlement and the Division of Assets | Your Questions Answered

Dividing your assets after a separation can be a lengthy and complicated business if it’s not done according to the law. To avoid complications in the future, we strongly encourage you to seek legal support from family law solicitors who deal with divorce settlements and can assist with issues like legal options, a property settlement […]