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infographic explaining difference between annulment and divorce

Annulment Vs Divorce – What’s The Difference?

Marriage annulment and divorce are completely different scenarios. Having the correct understanding of the legal terms is not only very important in but also may help navigating through the challenging circumstances.  Here are the terms explained. For more information check out our blog What’s the Difference Between Divorce and Marriage Annulment? or call us on  (03) 9762 […]

A parent and child holding hands and walking through a field

Children and Separation – A Guide for Parents

Separating from your partner can be an emotional time, not only for you and your partner, but for everyone in the family. In families with children, the separation of parents can be particularly hard on the children, so it’s important to keep their best interests at heart through the emotional and legal journey that follows. […]

Close up of couple’s hands (one male, one female) signing a document titled

What Does a Prenuptial Agreement Involve and Other Common Prenup Questions

 If you are about to be married, you and your partner may be thinking about a Prenuptial Agreement.  A Prenuptial Agreement is an agreement between parties prior to marriage. Couples are able to enter into Prenuptial Agreements (also known as Financial Agreements, Binding Financial Agreements or simply ‘prenups’) to provide for the division of property upon […]

Getting divorced in court

Do I Need to Go to Court to Get Divorced?

The only requirement for a divorce is the ‘irretrievable breakdown’ of a marriage.  This is proved by the husband and wife having been separated for 12 months with no likelihood of getting back together. Your partner does not have to agree to the separation, however they need to know that you think the marriage is […]