Cheralyn Hughes

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Bringing a broad depth of experience to Robert Wood and Associates, Cheralyn has a Bachelor of Laws (Hons.), M. Environment and Planning, B. Mus.Ed and B.Ed. After an extensive career in Education and Business, Cheralyn brings a mature and understanding approach to the practice of Law.

Having completed her Law Degree with a focus on Family Law, Cheralyn is able to provide an empathetic manner to her clients who are often overwhelmed by the emotional situation in which they find themselves. This is combined with a common sense approach to achieving an outcome which allows the family to move forward in the future.

Having run her own business for many years Cheralyn has a sound background in the essentials needed to do this successfully. She is able to advise her clients on all areas, including work place agreements, contracts and debt recovery.

Cheralyn is able to advise on planning issues, neighbourhood disputes and environmental problems, as well as helping you with Estate matters, whether that be, the drawing of a Will, Probate or Power of Attorney.